What is Mask Attack?

Mask attacks are similar to brute-force attack but the exception being some characters or passphrases are known.While in case of brute force attack each and every possible combination of passphrases are tried unless succeed whereas in case of mask attack the attack is more precise based on known information. for example- If it is known […]

What is Dictionary Attack?

A dictionary attack is a form of brute force attack in which every word of a dictionary is entered systematically to break into a password protected computer, server or file.In contrast to brute force attack in which large proportion of key space are searched, dictionary attack tries only those possibilities which are likely to succeed.Dictionary […]

What is Brute Force Attack?

A Brute Force attack is a method in which repetitive and successive attempts are made to break any password or break into as website.In this approach combination of various passwords are used to gain access to any password protected file or website.The attacker keeps on submitting these combination of passwords until the correct one is […]

Types of Microsoft Excel File Extensions

Microsoft Excel is software Developed by Microsoft which allows user to organise, calculate an format data with the help of various formulas using spreadsheet system.It is a part MS-Office suit and is compatible with other applications of MS-Office.With the Evolution of computers and technology Microsoft also evolved its products including ms excel for security, ease […]

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