Best Excel Password Recovery Tool to Recover and Remove Excel Password

Dux Excel Password Recovery software is an automated tool to recover excel password. With this tool, you can easily recover passwords of any kind or any length be it numeric, alphanumeric or combination of special characters. You just have to set the length of the password and the type of password unlocker method and leave the rest to this tool. It is capable enough to handle the rest of the process by itself. Read more:

Magnificent solution Dux Excel Password Recovery Software is a very affordable program that is a work excel worksheet file. It recovers lost any excel worksheet password with three methods: Dictionary attack, Brute Force attack & mask attack. This third party tool is the result-oriented option for breaking the excel workbook and worksheet file password thereafter. It will allow the authority to re-operate your excel file.

This software is effective thirty tools that break symbolic/special character and combination of excel file password. Users can download the trial version of Dux for Recover Excel Password before purchasing its licensed version. Read more

If you searching online excel password recovery software?

Dux work-Online Excel Password Recovery and allow also a preview of Excel data. However, it can show only 2 characters from the sheet.  Dux Retrieve Maximum and Minimum length of Excel password Crack Password Protection from Excel file Database, dux Excel Password Recovery Software is better for rest Lost XLSX password. Recover Excel Password from all XLSX versions: 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. (24×7) Free Technical Support.

This software uses the following three password cracker methods to unlock forgot excel password.
1)Brute Force Attack
2)Mask Attack
3)Dictionary Attack

Though this software has many advantages but the few of them we personally like are-
1)Support All excel File Versions from 2000 to the latest excel in 2019.
2)Provide users the option to choose the length of the password to be recovered which will, in turn, reduce the recovery time as there will be less number of calculations.
3)Provide users the option to choose the type of password attack.
4)Recover password from both .xls and.xlsx file extension.
4)Simple and clean interface.

Feature of Excel Password Recovery Software

  • Dux Retrieve password from excel file workbook
  • It Breaks Password security from the excel file database.
  • Recover lost XLSX/XLS file password with full safety.
  • Remove password from excel workbook and worksheet
  • Recover any types of excel file password i.e (0-7-!-#-*-A-B-C-xn).
  • Option to recover Excel password in various documents at once.
  • Best of three types of methods in recovery process Apply Brute force attack/mask attack and dictionary attack for reset excel password.
  • With the software demo version, you can recover the first two characters of the excel password free of cost.
  • Retrieve Maximum and Minimum length of Excel password
  • Crack Password Protection from Excel file Database
  • Break Excel Password from all XLSX versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. Dux Support all window version of MS excel as – Win2000, Win7 x32, and Win7 x 64, Win98, Win Server, Win Vista, WinVistax64, and WinXP (32bits &64bits).

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